John P. Parker School
Where We Have the Courage to Achieve Great Things

September Calendar

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 9/29 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Girl Scouts Fridays until 10/23 Grades K-6th


Boys Scouts Fridays until 11/20 Grades 1st-6th

10/16 Staff Professional Development/ No school for students

Field Trips

 10/13 River Reach 8:30-1:30 Ms. Hatton's /Ms Seta's Classes

10/23 Green Acres 8:30-1:30 Grade 3

11/2 A Play at the Aronoff Center

11/3 Election Day No School for students and staff



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John P. Parker School is a PK-6th CPS neighborhood school located in Madisonville, an eastern suburb of Cincinnati. It is a state of the art facility designed to enhance and support the best practices in education. 


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 John P. Parker School is committed to the growth and development of all students, regardless of learning style, race, ethnicity, or creed. It is in the business of cultivating high expectations for staff, students, parents, and our community at large.

The school is named for John P. Parker, who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. This African-American gentleman was a lover of books. Consequently, in the spirit of his legacy, John P. Parker is a school, "where good students read good books".


John P Parker, "The Conductor" from Peter Huston on Vimeo.