We are very proud to be a Community Learning Center that provides services to engage, educate and support our students, their families and our community. We have partners on site that provide enrichment, activities, health services, and more. We also have countless other partners, including community volunteers and an active PTO, that focus on the whole student throughout their journey with us.

To learn more about how your company or organization can become a Community Learning Center partner or volunteer, please contact Pamela Knox at (513) 363-2900 or via email.

Our Partners

4C for Children

Early Childhood Network, a grassroots approach that connects early childhood providers-centers and home-based, in the Madisonville community to the school addressing school readiness. Monthly meetings discuss existing services and explore opportunities for the delivery of additional services.

4C for Children is a regional leader that advocates and provides resources for high quality early childhood education and care by supporting adults who care for early learners.

Activities Beyond the Classroom

See It, Achieve It, Believe It, the JPP Lions Peer Mentoring Program, is provided through a grant from Community Connector and brings together high school students from Shroder Padeia to work with  selected students from grades 5th-6th for peer mentoring. The program meets every Tuesday from 2:30 pm-6:00 pm and engages students in learning about the 7 Habits of Effective Teenagers, in creating goals for their future, and exercising the body for physical fitness. At the end of each session, a dinner will be served. For more information, please contact the director of the program, Mrs. Deborah Elkins-Brown, through her email address.  

In PE, a special program is brought in to teach the fundamentals of tennis to grades 4-6, one day per week. This activity offers the opportunity to build leadership, teamwork, responsibility and self-discipline.


Adopt A Book

School resource that provides free books for pre-school-grade 6 during our family literacy nights events 6 times per year.

Adopt A Class

During the school day monthly classroom mentoring program, designed to facilitate personal, sustained connections between members of the business community and learners in pre-school through grade 6 for the purpose of providing positive role models and developing practical social skills.

Our Adopters:

  • Preschool — Best Upon Request
  • MD classroom — Cornerstone
  • Grade 2 — Business Backer
  • Preschool and grade 1 — Starfire Council
  • Grades preschool 1 and 2 — Cincinnati Police Department
  • Grade 5-6 — Hobson US
  • Grade 3 — Shoptech
  • Grade K and 5 — The Urology Group
  • Grade K — US Bank Remarketing

American Diary Association — Fuel Up to Play 60

During the school day school health and wellness program, founded by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League in collaboration with USDA, that empowers learners in grades 3-6 to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school, for choosing good-for-you foods and getting activity for 60 minutes every day. Learners participate in school wellness planning and access web-based activities to earn prizes.

Be The Change, Strive

During the school day academic tutoring, beginning in the fall through spring for learners in grades 3-6. Community and corporate volunteers are matched with learners one day per week for 30 minute math and/or reading tutoring session. 

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati

After-school program that provides programs for learners in grades K-6 that explores academic, character, leadership and social responsibility.

Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio, Foster Grandparents Program

During the school day additional adult support, provided in the preschool and grades 1 and 2 classrooms. The grandparents assist the teachers with academic supports, mentoring and guidance.

CET/American Graduate

“Let’s Make It Happen” national initiative, aimed at helping in the prevention of the high school dropout crisis. Enhancing the curriculum during the school day, kindergarten learners and their parents experience a week long Super Why early literacy camp. Grades one and five reinforce their reading skills with Martha Speaks camp. CET team also supports family literacy nights with activities and characters.

The Children’s Home of Cincinnati, Behavioral Health

School-based services that consist of treatment designed to teach learners new coping skills. A licensed mental health provider and case manager engage learners during the school day with strategies that address healthy relationships, developing positive self-images, assuming responsibility for oneself, problem solving, anger management, conflict resolution. Learners are referred by parents, staff or other outside provider. Learners meet with mental health provider weekly in one-on-one session or small group. Services are provided for pre-school through grade 6. Off-campus services offered through referral.

Cincinnati Ballet

During the school day exploration dance movement program. Two eight week exploratory dance movement and the fundamentals of ballet experience. Learners can be offered scholarship to study dance movement with the ballet company.

City of Cincinnati, School-Based Health Center

Program providing a comprehensive range of clinical services that specifically meet the health and wellness of children in pre-school through grade 6. Medical providers include a city school nurse, nurse practitioner and a pediatrician. Learners access the services during the school day for acute health care visits and as an integral part of the medical home.

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, Mentoring and Tutoring

Program that matches an adult mentor to learners in grades 2-6. This is a one year commitment with one hour weekly contact. Tutoring one day a week from fall to spring for 30 minute session to improve academic performance in the classroom.

Civic Garden Center

Master Gardener assigned to guide, with garden and lesson plans monthly. Teacher training for school garden development to develop garden knowledge and capacity.

Freestore Foodbank Power Pack

Program that ensures learners do not go hungry on weekends bags of food go home every Friday during the school year which contains nearly a dozen food items that are shelf-stable and kid-friendly. Learners displaying food insecurity are identified by staff.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

A tool that supports our health and wellness efforts to combat childhood obesity. This program allows introduction to a variety of fresh produce during the school day at least three times per week.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Intentionally designed activities presented during the school day, one day per week. Leadership experience that engages girls in kindergarten through grade 6 in discovering self, connecting with others and taking action.

Girls on the Run

After school program designed to allow girls in grades 3-6 to recognize their inner strength. Throughout the 12 week session girls build confidence and celebrate what makes them unique. Physical activity is woven in the program to inspire an appreciation of fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health. Girls also train for the local Flying Pig marathon.    

Good News Club/New Mission Baptist Church/Madisonville Mission Ministries

Extending ministries in the Madisonville community to meet growing needs and increase school community engagement. Weekly club meetings after school, learners along with faith-based leaders discuss topics surrounding self, leadership and community service grades K-6. Church members also volunteer during the school day in classrooms and are active member on the Local School Decision Making Committee. Also, tutors and meals are provided for Super Saturday tutoring sessions.

Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati

Resource to help implement, develop and support school wellness.

Playhouse in the Park

In-school live touring plays and storytellers at least three times per year to provide performing arts experience to enrich different parts of the curriculum.

Pure Gospel Ministries

Community resource that assists families with fresh produce twice monthly, members of Parent Teacher Organization and school event volunteers.

Safe Routes to School

With district SRTS coordinator, projects are developed and implemented that encourage and enable learners in grades K-8, to walk or bike to school safely. This includes physical improvements to infrastructure that will reduce speed and other potential conflicts with motor vehicle traffic to establish safer and fully accessible crossing, walkways and bikeways.

SPARK (Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids)

A family focus intervention program that prepares early learners, ages 3-5, for kindergarten, helping them to develop reading, language and social skills. Home visits include developmental screenings, learning plans and individual therapies, essential resources and services for families who may fall between the cracks of the educational system.

Whiz Kids/City Gospel Mission

An after school literacy based, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program that meets twice weekly for one hour sessions. In addition to academic tutoring, drama, art, dance clubs are also offered. Neighborhood churches recruit members to form the tutor mentor corps.

Whole Foods Market

Grant funded support to enforce garden success. “No matter where you plant them, garden kids understand that food doesn’t come from a box or a can-but from the magic of a seed.”

Winners Walk Tall

During the school day character coaches visit Kindergarten classrooms weekly to teach life skills, manners and character development lessons that inspire and engage learners in kindergarten.