Give Back Cincinnati Helps Rebuild John P. Parker School's Garden

March 29, 2021

By Jasmine Minor, WCPO

Fresh fruits and vegetables will soon return to a Madisonville school.

Give Back Cincinnati teamed up with John P. Parker Elementary School on Saturday to help rebuild the school's garden. But Gardening Give Back Day is not just about rebuilding; it's about teaching children sustainability and nutrition.

The initiative comes just months after it was announced the neighborhood would lose its Family Dollar store. The store, which residents relied on for groceries, announced it would close in January, effectively making the area a food desert.

Give Back Cincinnati president Michael Young said he hopes the school garden helps promote local and global sustainability efforts, health and nutrition.

"My hope is that their eyes light up, they get to be outside, experience worms in the dirt and see everything that happens from planting a seed to growing that vegetable to what it becomes on your table," Young said.

Amira Michalowski, chair of the Garden Club Committee, said they will also put in aquaponic tanks and hydroponic towers to help show the kids that they can grow their own food.

"We can give back to the community, they can do all of this with their own hands, and just really show them that they can make a difference," Michalowski said.

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