John P. Parker School to Host Bench Dedication at Bramble Park

June 29, 2021

red benchThe recent sixth grade graduates of John P. Parker School will present the Madisonville community with a special gift, a red park bench at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 29, at Bramble Park, Madisonville.

The students didn't collect donations to purchase the gift, instead, they collected bags and bags of plastic bottle caps when they were third-graders in 2017. That year they learned that plastic bottle caps are one of the least degradable materials in the world.

The students didn’t want to send more bottle caps to the landfill, so they jumped into action to gather plastic bottle caps from family, friends and the Madisonville community. By the end of the year, they hit their goal. They packed up 500 pounds of bottle caps and traveled to Evansville, Indiana to visit Green Tree Plastics, a manufacturing company that processes recycled materials into planters, tables and park benches.  

Now what was once a bunch of bottle caps headed for a landfill is now a beautiful 8-foot red bench headed for Bramble Park and it will be a space for family and friends to gather and converse. Although the students completed the project as third-graders, the pandemic postponed the dedication event.